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    Paul Baldowski

    Well, this seems the right place to start – with an introduction.

    I’m Paul — and I run The Iron Pact.

    I have been reading and running Symbaroum since January 2016, but role play has been my pastime of choice since the early 80s.

    On the side, I enjoy HP Lovecraft, Tudor social history, web design, drawing, and collecting bookshelves (which I always seem to fill in moments).



    Alright then!

    I’m Isak – I run, where I post my occasional musings on Symbaroum and its systems.

    I’ve been running Symbaroum for about a year now for some guys at the office (I work at a small game company so it was fairly easy to whip together a gaggle of geeks), and since I started roleplaying about 10 years ago I’ve probably played over two dozen different systems and settings!

    Web developer and graphic designer by profession, and I dabble in game design when the opportunity arises. I’m a huge lore nerd, and you can quiz me on virtually any minor topic from Warhammer 40k, EVE Online, or the Cthulhu Mythos.



    I’m Sean, I’ve been a Roleplayer / GM since the 1980’s … and If creating character sheets was a contact sport I would be world champion (graphic design in college).

    Run / Played a lot of systems, Significantly run Dragon Warriors, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia 1st edition, Stormbringer, Whispering Vault, Dark Ages Vampire, Cyberpunk & WFRP (the long runners – oodles more). Currently Victoriana 3rd edition.

    Love the Symbaroum setting and artwork, in the pre-planning stage of running the game and have several objectives before I do so …

    Also spreading the message of significance to all corners of the earth, to all those with ears to hear for the survival of our hobby: MORE scenarios or at the very least scenario seeds (the lack of which is the death of most games in my opinion).

    No scenarios = mucho corruption 😉

    They tried to keep me out but they failed!!!!! (lol – many thanks Paul).


    Paul Baldowski

    I have been trying to add more adventure ideas and seeds to The Iron Pact. I suspect that over the April run of articles, seed will appear more than once!

    Like the Forest encounters (posted originally on Twitter and then collated into a PDF), it would be nice to get more throwaway ideas – perhaps an Adventure Pack 3 somewhere down the line?



    Hello, I’m Xandines. i’m one of the numerous french people who pledged for the french version of Symbaroum. I run this game since September, and i love it. I play with to many system and games to make a list, but Symbaroum was first an inspiration for Prophecy (a french med fan RPG) and it became the second RPG i run the most in my club.
    I found this blog even before the french official one, and it did provide a lot of inspiration for my game.

    Au plaisir de vous lire

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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