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    Paul Baldowski

    So, what are people playing or running at the moment? Doesn’t have to be Symbaroum…

    I seem to be juggling several ideas at once, while trying to run at least one of them.

    I have my weekly group and I need to have a fantasy game ready for tomorrow.

    Next weekend, I’m at AireCon in Harrogate — and I plan to have a Cthulhu Hack game in my back pocket, probably aiming for something I can run in an hour or less.

    The following weekend, I have aspirations to run Frostgrave at ConVergence. Now, Frostgrave is a skirmish war game — and I want to run it as an RPG. I probably need to have a plan on how I’m going to do that. Always pushing the envelope rather than taking the easy course of action!

    And right now, I’m having some serious thoughts about a couple of games I’m due to run all day (over a weekend) in early July.

    What about you? Anything planned?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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