Care With Names

September 11, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes.   I ran an extended game of The Wheel of Misfortune yesterday, using the rules for The Symbaroum Funnel. This created […]

May Pact Update

May 18, 2016 Paul Baldowski 3

Approximate time to read: 2 minutes.   A brief update on The Iron Pact and Symbaroum. I have been REALLY busy over the last month with another […]

Z is for Zeal

May 1, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 8 minutes.   The A-to-Z Challenge offered an opportunity to show me just how engaged I could become with a game or setting. […]

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I is for Iron Pact

April 11, 2016 Paul Baldowski 2

Approximate time to read: 3 minutes.   The true nature of the Iron Pact, its extent and true purpose, remains elusive, an idea at best steeped in […]

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Not Sure If

March 19, 2016 Paul Baldowski 0

Approximate time to read: 1 minutes.   This weekend I have the opportunity run Titan Wake a second time – following the successful run last weekend at […]

The Symbaroum Funnel

February 19, 2016 Paul Baldowski 7

Approximate time to read: 4 minutes.   Dungeon Crawl Classics has something called “the funnel”, an adventure approach that takes a large number of very low-level characters […]