Symbaroum Reference Sheets

Version 2 of the Symbaroum Reference Sheets – slimmed down to three A4-sheets from the original four I  had to start. The sheets cover:

– Quick Combat & Death Saves
– Weapons, Armor & Monster Traits
– Situations, Conditions & Corruption

Comments appreciated. For the time being, I’m sticking with the A4 portrait version but will consider reformatting to landscape at some point.

I also think I might have room for a fourth sheet, but I’m loathe to sling something together without having a focus on utility. I suspect that I will get ideas the more I run the game.


Link to Symbaroum Reference Sheets

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  1. Do you have a printer friendly version of any of the reference sheets? I want to print them out but I don’t have color ink.

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