The Alternate 7

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MagdalaA while ago I created a 6-pack of characters for use with The Promised Land, taking the material in the Symbaroum Core Book. The pre-generated characters have a format that means you can print them straight out, cut the page in half and hand them out ready to play. They have a little less of the background from the Core, but, otherwise, you have all you need to get playing.

Then I decided to mess around with Ansel’s stat block.

Now, with Concrete Cow coming up at the weekend and my adventure Titan Wake to run for the first time, I find myself in need of a witch.

Therefore, I have created a temporary extra page for the 6-pack already created that includes both the Barbarian Witch and the updated Theurg of the Church of Prios. That means you have a choice of using the original or the tweaked version of the priest. I won’t force you either way!

You can download the original Symbaroum Core Book pre-generated 6-pack on this link – and now also download the additional and alternate characters for use with The Promised Land (or whatever adventure you happen to choose) on that link!


  1. Just a heads up, the bottom link (for the alternate characters) leads to two characters that are missing from the first link, it looks like.

    • Ansel IS in the first pack of six – the final character on the 3rd sheet. The alternate version in the 2-character second pack has minor modifications. The witch in the second file is not in the original – which means you have 7 characters overall.

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