Welcome to the World of Symbaroum

symbaroum-1Symbaroum invites you into a troubled world, filled with conflict, corruption and forgotten truths. More than twenty years past, the people true to Queen Korinthia fled the blighted lands of Alberetor and crossed The Titans into Ambria. A fertile, but inhabited, land, the refugees used their skills in arms and warfare to claim them.

The Jezite clan, a nomadic barbarian people, fell beneath the steel of Korinthia’s soldiery. The brutal act drove the remaining barbarian clans back, fleeing to the north into the eaves of Davokar and beyond. Queen Korinthia and her loyal followers set about cultivating Ambria, raising hope from amidst the ashes.

To the north, Davokar both beckoned and terrified. A remnant of the Symbaroum Empire; part myth, part nightmare. Ruins and artifacts dot the landscape only hinting at the heights of the Empire and the cause of their passing.

And south of The Titans the corruption and destruction of the war against the Gray Lord linger on, the land toxic beyond restoration. Korinthea’s army destroyed the Lord and battered back his forces – but do the restless dead lie still or will they rise again and seek their enemy once more?

Well, that’s my take on the setting of Symbaroum – not quite the published version, but where I’ll be going from here on this blog. Developed by Järnringen supported by Modiphius Entertainment in distribution of the English edition.

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